A leading Aquaculture company in Ghana committed to produce good quality and healthy fish for the Ghanaian community and West Africa by bringing together local resources and leading world aquaculture best practices in an environmentally responsible manner.

Founded with a dual social and commercial mandate, Our mission is to make available an abundant supply of affordable protein for the local markets.

At Flosell, we believe sustainable and responsible aquaculture has a role to play in solution of this issue and sustaining the human race.

By using industry best practices, we can produce more efficiently, which makes our fish more affordable and of superior quality.


We operate on local for local basis which means we sell all our products within the region.


We operate in a remote rural and vulnerable areas. This means that it is necessary to provide significant social support.

we invest in training our employees in literacy and in aquaculture through dedicated trainers.

We have put the women and children in the village where we operate on National health insurance scheme.

We have provided borehole water in the communities as a source of drinking water. We have provided public toilet facility 

Have plans to build a primary school and a health clinic with a doctor housing for the community in which we work. We also have made plans for out grower schemes to support the community to grow their own fish.